Ask DIB! Paranormal Investigator!
Debriefing 2

As some of you ever-vigilant followers of my blog may have already seen, Zim has a new plot for the destruction of the Earth!

That project that I couldn’t see with my cameras in his lab? It was a machine designed to BRAINWASH people into loving him, so that they’ll do anything he says! In my absence I have discovered many things! For example, this nefarious plot!!!

I need YOUR HELP to try and figure out how to stop him! Gaz won’t talk to me for some reason!

Anyway, here’s a list of what I know so far!

1) He’s using it to Brainwash people!

2) It’s disguised as a pig!

3) It jkjla skvdkjav;

you idiots need to stop following this, like ive said b4. dibs stupid big head is insane, now go home

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